ISO9001 is acquired in
November, 2004.
A further quality, to improve productivity, and to improve international confidence, the attestation of ISO 9001:2008 (entrust and manufacture of the rubber injection molding machine) is acquired. The offer of customer satisfaction is aimed at, the continuance of the improvement activity is aimed at, and it aims at growth and the development of a further enterprise.
April, 2004
The video conference is introduced.
To attempt a real-time business deployment with the global market, the video conference is introduced. Communications that are not the time lags like the check on presentation to make it it not only has a business talk but also link with the personal computer and the product of which it takes a picture then and there etc. are done.
November, 2004
It patent acquires it with the injection molding machine.
The especially more original product aims at the patent acquisition though all products of the SHINYO KOKI are customized original products to the order. The patent of the injection molding machine was acquired in cooperation with Toyoda Gosei Ltd. who was the customer in 2004.
In the Toyoda Gosei harmony association general meeting Commendation of 07, 08, 09, 10 and 11 years in a row.
An excellent prize is given in the Toyoda Gosei Kyowakai general meeting presented to the achievement of high quality, technology, and low-cost 5 years in a row. A continuous commendation. in the participation of a lot of enterprises from Toyoda Gosei acknowledged the levels of the screening criterion high is our boasts.
In 2012
Development & Proposal for Rubber Injection Molding Machine
We are trying to develop and propose the machine to go forward the cost-half for our customer doing simplification and foreshortening.
In 2012
Captive factory advances in Thailand.
SHINYO KOKI is trying to establish for export base to go forward the world wide market.

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